Leather belts wholesale

Leather belts

Belghali Belts offers a huge range of wholesale Moroccan leather belts.We are specializes in women and men leather belts and all our belts are handmade. If you need small quantities or very huge quantities of leather belts, we can provide them to you with the best wholesale prices. We can supply wholesale leather belts to suit your needs.
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Leather Belts Wholesale

leather belts wholesale from Morocco are made in traditional tanneries in Marrakech. We only use natural products for the production. We have exported thousands of genuine fashion leather belts wholesale to UK. We manufacture also handmade buckles using Buffalo Horn. Our Company works also with best UK Importers of handbags all handmade. You can be sure youíll get the best prices. Shop directly from the manufacturer at the best possible and lowest prices directly leather belts online wholesale from our showroom. Our manufacture. Naturally we are a leading supplier.

Products are 100% handmade without industrial products like for leather belts wholesale leather belts wholesale including raw formic Acid or Sodium Format. We only the old way natural products like Cedar Wood, poppy flowers from the forest of Kenitra. Our Huge collection is for Men and Women. Some Fashion Accessories handcrafted in Medina and Souk leather belts wholesale leather belts wholesale natural dying products except Moroccan Holydays. In fact Artisans work according to a special calendar.

In our manufacture we use both traditional leather belts online wholesale system and time. Modern is used online in machinery. Traditional, is used in tanning and for braided techniques. Women work at home in order to make braided ones. You can contact us using the form of the contact page. Selling leather belts wholesale canít be replaced once you buy them. But be sure that the quality is very nice, payment can use Paypal leather belts wholesale and the delivery FedEx or Chronopost International.

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